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Medical Facials at Juno Aesthetics in Brooklyn

Everyone’s heard of a classic spa facial, but what is a medical facial? The main difference is in the products that are used. At Juno Aesthetics, we use medical-grade products in some of our facial options, which results in more effective results.

What exactly is a facial?

There is no “one-type-treats-all” facial. Everyone has a different skin type and level of severity in their problem areas. In general, facials may include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration of the skin.

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Additional treatments during a facial

Frequently additional treatments are used in conjunction with a facial to enhance results. This may include a chemical peel (Juno is owned by a board-certified surgeon, so we are able to use strong and highly effective chemical peels) and for certain problematic areas, we may also recommend an IPL photofacial or a laser photofractional. Microneedling, PRP, radiofrequency, and/or ultrasound therapy may also be incorporated into a medical facial.

These additional treatments are all highly effective — particularly an IPL photofacial, which uses intense pulsed light to improve problem areas of the skin, leaving it more evenly toned and improving areas of concern such as sun damage, age spots, skin lesions, and more. Medical facials are highly customizable and can be beneficial to those who desire simple maintenance to keep their skin looking its best. The benefits range from aging skin prevention to acne treatment to more intensive rejuvenation for mature skin.

How often should I get a medical facial?

How often you undergo a facial will depend on your skin’s condition and your personal aesthetic goals. Regular treatments are recommended for those struggling with acne and acne scarring. Some facials are designed as a one-time treatment prior to a big event. Our facials also vary by the season. For example, sun exposure can become an issue in the summer months, and dry skin often becomes an issue in the wintertime. Most of the time, a series of treatments are beneficial for regular maintenance to help your skin look its best all year long.

Treatment details 

A medical facial may last 30 to 60 minutes. Most are “lunchtime treatments” and don’t require any downtime, but occasionally if any additional treatments are added (such as a chemical peel), there may be a minimal downtime of a day or so. 

During your consultation, we will let you know how much downtime you can expect, if any. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to take care of your skin at home after your facial.

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Medical facials at Juno Aesthetics in Brooklyn

If you’re interested in medical facials or any other treatment such as an IPL photofacial in the Brooklyn area, please contact us to schedule your free consultation. Juno Aestheticsfounder Julia Giyaur is a board-certified surgeon, which ensures an enhanced level of study, training, and expertise for medi-spa procedures. 

She provides personalized service and employs highly trained personnel. The techniques provided at our medi-spa have been fine-tuned, chosen with extreme care. We believe that by enhancing beauty and bringing back a youthful appearance for our patients, we improve their sense of wellbeing — and that is our most important goal.

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