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Cellulite reduction in Brooklyn

Lumpy bumpy skin begone! Cellulite is an extremely common condition that causes dimpled, lumpy skin on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. At Juno Aesthetics, we use Accent Prime™ for cellulite reduction. This technology operates with high-intensity radiofrequency to greatly improve the appearance of cellulite.

Accent Prime for cellulite reduction

Our Accent Prime device uses high-intensity radiofrequency to break apart and loosen the fibrous cords that cause cellulite, reducing its appearance. This treatment works deep within the tissues to create collagen remodeling. Accent Prime also uses ultrasound technology to target fat cells that cause the cellulite bumps. This dual action results in an effective combination treatment of body contouring and cellulite reduction.

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Dual action for cellulite reduction

  • Radiofrequency energy for collagen remodeling, skin tightening, and loosening of the bands that cause cellulite
  • Ultrasound energy to target and get rid of fat cells that cause cellulite bumps

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is completely harmless, but it’s quite unsightly and people spend thousands of dollars a year on ineffective creams and ointments. Cellulite can even develop in very fit people, and often doesn’t go away, even with frequent exercise and a healthy diet. The condition is more common in women and tends to become worse with age, after pregnancy, inactivity, or weight gain.

This may cause many to hide their skin. It’s actually unclear exactly how or why cellulite develops. Cellulite lumps and bumps are formed with tight cords form between the skin and underlying muscle, with the fat being stuck within these cords. As fat is accumulated, it pushes through the skin and becomes lumpy and visible to the eye.

What causes these cords to form is unknown, but some influences may play a role, such as genetics, hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, skin texture, and your specific body type.

How Accent Prime works

The Accent Prime technology for cellulite reduction works takes deep action in the dermis and the sub-dermal layers of tissue, promoting the contraction (and thus the remodeling) of collagen. It stimulates blood circulation, the metabolism of fatty tissues, and the tightening of the fibrous bands that hold the fatty tissue to the skin. In combination, these effects act to reduce cellulite and remodel body contours. 

What to expect from a cellulite reduction treatment

Cellulite reduction is painless (and actually quite pleasant with mild heat sensation, like hot stone massage) and effective.  Depending on the area to be treated, the session can take from 30 to 90 minutes. We recommend a series of treatments — at least six consecutive weekly or bi-weekly sessions, but these may be extended until the desired results are achieved. We also recommend a maintenance program with an occasional touch-up treatment to control the cellulite, as it tends to return.

Cellulite reduction at Juno Aesthetics in Brooklyn

Let us help you get that lumpy, bumpy skin under control with our celulite reduction treatments! At our Brooklyn medi-spa, we use top-notch expertise, safety, and personalized service to achieve the very best for our patients. Our founder, Dr. Julia Giyaur, is a board-certified surgeon who applies the meticulousness and precision of her profession to all the medi-spa services we offer at Juno.

We believe that by improving a patient’s aesthetic concerns, we improve their sense of wellbeing…and that’s our most important goal. Dr. Giyaur’s love for the arts and her feel for proper proportions have helped her develop an extra artistic touch needed in aesthetics. Her patients love the feeling of her steady hand, compassionate demeanor, and a true understanding of their needs. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and you’re considering cellulite reduction, please contact us today.

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