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What is age? It’s just a number, after all. But does that number affect our emotions? At Juno, we believe that it certainly does. 

Aesthetic treatments: It’s about so much more than vanity

What is age? It’s just a number, after all. But does that number affect our emotions? At Juno, we believe that it certainly does. 

Stressors of life, sun damage, lack of sleep, bearing children, the effects of gravity, and sometimes not-so-ideal lifestyle choices greatly affect our faces and bodies. Looking in the mirror, you may sometimes notice a new wrinkle here or a fold there that seems to have appeared overnight, out of nowhere.

As youthful features begin disappearing and gravity and age start to take their toll, some of us may notice that our confidence and self-assurance are not where they should be. 

We’re getting older and likely wiser — but looking in the mirror reminds us of the irreversible passage of time. 

This can’t help but affect our mood, sense of wellbeing, self-esteem, and the desire to achieve more in life. Multiple psychological studies have shown that looking better makes us feel better, and we see it daily in our practice. Improved self-esteem allows us to do our jobs better, and we’re more likely to be successful if we feel confident. We become more open, more extroverted, and more social. Feeling better about ourselves also allows us to become more empathetic towards others and more patient with our family members and colleagues.

It really is all about how we feel inside. Are we at peace with ourselves and with how we appear to the outside world? When we feel beautiful and at peace, that sense of beauty and wellbeing projects from within. Feeling good about ourselves somehow projects to the outside and allows others see the harmony within us.

Aesthetics, therefore, is so much more than just an expression of “our vanity”, as many people have believed in the past. It isn’t vain to want to look our most beautiful and appear younger-looking. It isn’t vain for an older man or woman to want to reverse some of the more bothersome signs of aging. It isn’t vain for a young person to seek improved symmetry and balance in their faces, or to enhance certain features. These procedures are simply about the desire to be happier, more social, more successful, more confident, and to like ourselves more. 

We are fortunate to live in a world where there are so many options for enhancing our appearance. From surgery to non-invasive treatments, there are plenty of excellent and safe choices to achieve rejuvenation, bring balance to our faces, and add more harmony into our lives.

Look better. Feel better. Discover ReJunoVation.

Julia Giyaur, MD

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