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Just like body massage, facial massage improves sense of wellbeing and mood. There is something about the human touch that gives us the sense of euphoria that we all crave. However, facial massages also have one added benefit: it’s anti-aging!

Facial Massage at Juno Aesthetics

It’s great to get Juno’s facial massage right before you plan to look your best; a date night or a big event.  You will look radiant that night.  Makeup will sit better, your face will appear hydrated, rejuvenated and rested.  One warning though, these facials are addictive and some of our clients come weekly and use facial and body massages to relax, recharge and take off tension after a long week.

Many of the facial massage techniques can be done at home, but for a truly relaxing and tension-relieving experience, visit us at Juno Aesthetics.  Our massage therapist Julia has warm and soft hands that do wonders to your face and body!

Benefits of facial massage

  • Relieves tension
  • Smooths out wrinkles that are caused by tensed up muscles
  • Increased circulation which in turn improves tissue turnover, helps with antiaging repair process
  • Increased oxygen to the facial tissues
  • Warms up your skin and may help improve symptoms of congestion and stuffiness
  • Improves lymphatic circulation and decreased puffiness and swelling
  • Allows cosmetic products to penetrate better and be more effective
  • Creates natural facelift by increasing circulation, promoting collagen turnover
  • Improved skin tone, reduced skin laxity
  • Can be done in combination with our facials and mild skin peels for a truly glowing result
  • Make you look younger and more radiant!

The techniques of facial massage may vary. The treatments usually take about 30 minutes but may be longer if you choose to get a chemical peel.

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