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Non-Surgical Total Facial Re“JUNO”vation

Are you ready to make some changes in your life and refresh your look? Does looking in the mirror make you realize that you appear older than you feel inside? It might be time for a little TLC for your skin and face — and fortunately, we live in a time when there are many non-surgical treatments available.

What is Total Facial ReJunoVation?

There’s not any “one-size-fits-all” Total Face ReJunoVation treatment, and because no two faces are alike, the ReJunoVation experience varies from person to person. ReJunoVation treatments are done to achieve a younger-looking, rejuvenated appearance. 

Through years of practice, advance aesthetic lectures and courses, training with top aesthetic physicians, and studying the anatomy of faces and expressions, Dr. Giyaur can now offer a truly customized and unique aesthetic experience with ReJunoVation.

ReJunoVation facts

  • The goal of the ReJunoVation experience is to gradually look younger and better than before
  • ReJunoVation aims to achieve more beauty, improved proportions, and overall rejuvenation
  • ReJunoVation treatments can be done over your lunchtime break in one hour or less
  • Results are achieved gradually and are less dramatic than with surgery, but there is usually no significant downtime
  • Combination treatments are frequently done for optimal results (may require more than one visit to achieve the set goal)
  • Maintenance is necessary to keep looking your best and prevention for needing more extensive treatments in the future 
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Juno Aesthetics

Where did Total Facial ReJunoVation begin?

The patient demand for better, less invasive, and more natural facial rejuvenation techniques prompted Dr. Julia Giyaur to continue researching for improvement in technology and techniques for her procedures. Striving to achieve a more beautiful, harmonious, and revitalized appearance, Dr. Giyaur came up with the Total Facial ReJunoVation experience for our patients.

Your Total Facial ReJunoVation consultation

Every Total Facial ReJunoVation treatment begins with a consultation with Dr. Giyaur. She will start with a thorough evaluation of your facial features, and may ask you to bring in a photo of your younger self. We will also take new photos of you and review them together. Our goal is to study your face and determine how to make it more symmetric, more harmonious, and more beautiful. Dr. Giyaur will carefully listen to your questions and concerns, and will go over your aesthetic “wish list”.

How is Total Facial ReJunoVation done?

We achieve Total Facial ReJunoVation by using well-established combination treatment methods. We combine various types of dermal fillers, laser and light treatments, and other procedures to provide a highly customized treatment plan in order to achieve the result that our patients want. Treatments are highly personalized, and for some, treatment may only involve simple dermal fillers

Others may require a combination of dermal fillers and Kybella®, or Botox® and laser skin treatments. Because Total Facial ReJunoVation can be so variable, the time the procedure takes varies as well, and could be from 15 to 60 minutes. But don’t worry, our job is to make you comfortable the entire time — and we are very good at what we do!




SkinFine lines, wrinkles, red and brown spots, sun damage, scars, loss of elasticityIPL, laser resurfacing, plasma ablation, chemical peels, microneedling, Botox for lines, PRP, Sculptra®
BrowSagging browBotox, fillers, radiofrequency, lasers, threads
EyelidsIncreased depth above the upper eyelid, droopingFillers, radiofrequency
Under EyesDark circles under eyes, eye bags, wrinklesBotox and fillers, threads, plasma ablation, PRP
NoseShape or droopy nose tipBotox, fillers
ForeheadLines and wrinklesBotox, fillers, PRP
CheeksDownward displacement of check fat, “droopy appearance”, loss of youthful volumeHyaluronic fillers, Radiesse®, Sculptra
Laugh LinesFolds between the nose and mouthFillers, threads, lift threads
LipsThinning with age, upper lip wrinkles, downturn of mouth cornersDermal fillers, Botox, threads
EarsEarlobes stretched out from heavy earringsDermal fillers
ChinLoss of chin volume and projection, puckeringBotox and dermal fillers
JawlineJowls, desire for stronger jawlineDermal fillers, threads, Kybella
NeckDouble chinKybella, lipolytic mesotherapy, ultrasound, radiofrequency
HairLoss of volume with age/menopausePRP injections

Our rejuvenation and enhancement philosophy

Dr. Giyaur’s goal is to make her patients look more beautiful at 20, 30, 40…or even 80. Sometimes even the smallest and most minimally invasive touch can positively change a person’s look in a significant way. We never want to change what our patients look like; rather, we want to enhance the most beautiful features of the face and make a person look overall more attractive. 

This is where artistry comes in, and it’s the most challenging yet exciting part of an aesthetic physician’s job. It’s never about overblown lips or puffy cheeks. Our patients don’t come to Juno for that, and they know they won’t get it here. They come to us for artistry — because they know that we’re able to pick up on the small, specific details of their facial features that make them beautiful. They know we will enhance those features and tie them in harmoniously with their entire face. 

How quickly will I see results?

For most Total Facial ReJunoVation treatments, results can be seen quickly or immediately. However, sometimes more than one treatment is required (as with Kybella, for example), and sometimes the full effect takes a while to appear (Sculptra and/or threads, for example). Patients should understand that Total Facial ReJunoVation is not a surgical treatment.

We frequently break the treatment down into several steps, with a couple of weeks in between. This is done to provide the best possible results, and ensures that the changes to your face happen gradually and naturally. Whenever possible, we utilize the body’s natural ability to heal and to produce its own collagen. Many times, our job is just to re-start that natural process. When this isn’t possible, we use the highest quality synthetic materials, such as hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for Total Facial ReJunoVation are individuals in their 20s to 80s who want to improve their facial appearance, who have mild to moderate age-related areas of concern, or who are wishing to simply enhance certain features of their face. Those considering Total Facial ReJunoVation should be willing to get to their desired results in a gradual manner.

When is surgery a better option?

  • When the degree of aging is more severe
  • When you need a more permanent solution
  • When you are interested in a one-time, fix-it-all approach
  • When you don’t mind longer recovery

Total Facial ReJunoVation at Juno Aesthetics

Juno Aesthetics founder Dr. Julia Giyaur believes that aging is inevitable — but looking old is optional. At our Brooklyn medi-spa, we work to rejuvenate and enhance your natural beauty, and to bring back what has been lost with time. We use top-notch expertise and safety to achieve the very best for our patients. Dr. Giyaur is a board-certified surgeon who applies the meticulousness and precision of her profession to all the medi-spa services we offer at Juno.

We believe that by enhancing beauty and bringing back a patient’s youthful appearance, we improve their sense of wellbeing…and that’s our most important goal. Dr. Giyaur’s love for the arts and her feel for proper proportions have helped her develop an extra artistic touch needed in aesthetics. Her patients love the feeling of her steady hand, compassionate demeanor, and a true understanding of their needs. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and are interested in our Total Facial ReJunoVation, we invite you to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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