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One of the first signs of aging on the face is the loss of that tight elasticity, and that’s when loose skin begins to set in. The resulting sagginess can create an age-worn appearance, or even a double chin. This is where Juno Aesthetics can help with our Accent Prime™ technology. 

What is Accent Prime?

The Accent Prime platform is the most advanced device for skin tightening and aesthetic enhancement. This technology combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to provide highly customized treatments that are very effective and achieve natural-looking, long lasting results.

Key benefits

  • Safe and effective for all skin types 
  • Combined technologies for faster, longer-lasting results
  • Focused treatment at multiple depths 
  • Precise treatment control 
  • Comfortable treatment
  • No downtime 
Juno Aesthetics

Accent Prime applicators


Combines a special patented ultrasound wave technology called Cold Shear Wave™ and compression ultrasound technologies to effectively contour the face. Includes an extra-large applicator plate for high-speed contouring of particularly large treatment areas.


Combines high-energy unipolar radiofrequency technology with a detachable rotating massage ring to emit deep dermal heating while increasing circulation, designed specifically for treatmentof the face.


Made to target small areas for reducing fat, the MiniSpeed applicator administers ultrasound energy to fat in stubborn areas. 


Very similar to the MiniSpeed applicator, the SpeedSculpt has been created with a specialized design to allow it to effectively work within very small areas. 

Treatment details

Your skin will be cleansed, and the appropriate applicator will be selected and attached for your treatment. The Accent Prime applicators each work directly on the skin, targeting the correct areas while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

The technology heats gradually and includes an integrated cooling system for your comfort. Treatment time will vary from patient to patient depending on what area(s) are being treated; however, sessions are typically very quick and convenient, with the average treatment lasting about 15 minutes. We generally recommend 4 to 6 treatments.

Downtime and results

There is no downtime required with an Accent Prime skin tightening treatment. Patients often notice immediate skin tightening, with the second treatment achieving even more significant results. This procedure also triggers new collagen production, so improvements will gradually continue over the next several months.

Face and neck skin tightening from Juno Aesthetics

At Juno Aesthetics, we utilize top-notch technology, years of expertise, the utmost safety, and a highly trained staff to provide our patients with the best possible experience and results. Juno founder Dr. Julia Giyaur is a board-certified surgeon, and a medical spa owned by a physician always ensures an enhanced level of professionalism and quality. 

Dr. Giyaur’s goal is to elevate her patients’ natural beauty, rejuvenate, and bring back what has been lost with time. Her love for the arts and her feel for proper proportions have helped her develop the extra artistic touch needed in aesthetics, as well as an eye for seeing and creating harmony in faces. Her patients love the feeling of her steady hand, compassionate demeanor, and a true understanding of their needs. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and you’re interested in face, décolleté, and/or neck tightening with our Accent Prime technology, we invite you to contact us today.  

Juno Aesthetics
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