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Have you ever wondered what make a face beautiful, attractive?

How can faces look so different, and yet still be considered beautiful and attractive by all?  What is it that united them all? Why do tiny babies prefer to look at beautiful faces?  Does that mean that our sense of beauty is innate? What do those babies know about beauty?  Probably a lot.

It turns out that we are born with the innate eye for seeing geometrically correct proportions and symmetry. As we get older and wiser, that doesn’t change; we are still attracted to faces that are well balanced, proportionate and geometrically correct.

Artists, centuries ago, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, knew about those proportions and instinctively, or maybe with full knowledge, applied them in their creations.  That magic factor is the Golden Ratio of Facial proportions.  Exact calculations of facial proportions exist, but we won’t bore you with those details. Some of us were lucky to be born with perfectly proportionate faces; perfect noses, perfectly shaped eyes and perfect chins.  Most of us have some imperfections.  Luckily for the majority, the field of facial aesthetics now recognizes the value of facial proportions and Golden Ratio in Facial Enhancement procedures.

Aesthetic Facial Balancing at Juno Aesthetics

Our non-surgical facial balancing involves use of facial fillers to improve symmetry, achieve harmony and proper proportions in the face.  It’s not about looking younger; it is about looking better at any age!

This treatment is the highlight of all treatment in facial aesthetics, where true finesse and artistry are needed to achieve the desired result.  Dr. Giyaur has spent countless hours studying faces, facial anatomy and facial expressions to be able to perfect this treatment.  Once the treatment formula is known, the rest is easy and takes about 15-30 minutes of your life. Some of our clients come in feeling that something is off in their face, something that makes them look not as good as they could, but they can’t pinpoint it.

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Which facial features can be treated with facial balancing?

We normally treat the entire face!  Here are some examples of what could be achieved with Facial balancing:

  • Forehead enhancement (for those with tissue loss in the center of forehead)
  • Non-surgical nose shape correction (to correct bump, poor nose projection, nose that’s too short or too wide, nose tip lifting)
  • Enhancement of area around the Eyes (non-surgical)
  • Eyebrow lift and position correction
  • Cheek voluminization (to achieve proper facial proportions and create “apple of the cheek”)
  • Lip augmentation
  • Lower Cheek Debulking (for faces that are too wide on the bottom)
  • Balancing of upper and lower face to obtain proper oval or inverted triangle face proportion
  • Chin Augmentation (to improve projection, profile, improve chin and jaw to neck transition)
  • Jawline correction (Better defined jawline looks good in both men and women)

These are just some of the examples of what could be done during facial balancing procedure.  There are not two treatments that are the same, as there are no faces that are the same (excluding twins) and the results of this procedure often resemble surgical.

What should I expect during the Facial Balancing procedure at Juno?

Dr. Giyaur will take multiple pictures, spend time with each patient and analyze the face thoroughly.  She will also go over each patient “wish list” or aesthetic preferences.  Putting all of that together is a matter of experience and artistry.

Dr. Giyaur will use combination of fillers and occasionally botulinum toxin to achieve the desired effect.  Combination of various fillers are used in the process since each filler has its own properties.  The desired effect is achieved via lifting some areas, volumizing others, enhancing some facial features, minimizing others.  The entire face is usually enhanced, unless our patient has specific concerns.

The injections are done mostly with blunt cannulas (not needles), since that affords more comfort, less bruising and enhanced safety to the patient.  Patients remain very comfortable during the procedure and do not require any anesthesia.  The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

The recovery is very quick and most of our patients return to their normal lives the same day. The end result is a face that is more beautiful, looks refreshed and rested, and, certainly, very natural. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and facial analysis.

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