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About Dr. Julia Giyaur, MD

Dr. Julia Giyaur is a founder and the medical director of Juno Aesthetics. Originally from Europe, Dr. Giyaur moved to New York as a teenager and has been a devoted New Yorker since then. She graduated with honors from New York University  and went on to get her medical degree from Downstate Medical center in Brooklyn.

Dr. Giyaur’s Passion for Details

Dr. Giyaur is highly trained in and passionate about facial rejuvenation and aesthetics. As the medical director at Juno Aesthetics, her unique background in microsurgery and her eye for detail set her apart. Dr. Giyaur has a nuanced appreciation and understanding of the finer points of facial symmetry and aesthetics, creating natural-looking outcomes that enhance innate beauty. 


Juno Aesthetics

I truly love being able to enhance the appearance and well-being of my patients. I have always felt privileged to be able to change people’s lives for the better and to help them look as young as they feel inside. My goal always is not to make my patients look unnatural or "done."

Dr. Julia Giyaur

Microsurgery, Facial Rejuvenation & Aesthetics

Dr. Giyaur’s love for the arts and her feel for proper, precise proportions helped her develop the extra artistic touch needed in aesthetics and a specialized ability to see and create harmony in faces. Dr. Giyaur’s patients love the feeling of her steady hand, compassionate demeanor, and true understanding of their needs.

The Mission of Juno Aesthetics

Dr. Giyaur strives to enhance her patients’ natural beauty — to rejuvenate and bring back what has been lost with time. Aging is inevitable, but looking old is optional. Many decide to age gracefully and fight the external (and internal) signs of aging, realizing that with improved appearance comes an improved outlook on life. Feeling good about ourselves, we become more confident and enjoy life with renewed pleasure. Dr. Giyaur can help you achieve that.

On a Personal Note

Dr. Giyaur lives in NYC with her husband, who is also a doctor, and her three children. She truly loves her work and devotes time to her professional passions, which include aesthetics, eye surgery and continued education — however, at home, her passion is her family. Dr. Giyaur loves to fly kites and bike ride with her daughter; watch her middle son bake or make Lego creations, and listen to her older son play the piano. She enjoys literature, traveling, skiing, theater and nature.

Juno Aesthetics
Juno Aesthetics

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