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Opus Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

Until now, patients who have desired to take many years off their faces had to undergo a major procedure called CO2 laser resurfacing.  The procedure carries significant downtime and risk of severe scarring and pigmentation.  After years of searching for a gentler option that is just as effective, Dr. Giyaur has found it! 

We are proud and excited to announce that we are the first practice in NYC (and possibly the entire east coast) to acquire this brand new technology that allows us to help more patients to achieve the youthful look they desire! The Opus Plasma RF device is not a Laser! It uses high radiofrequency that reacts with atmospheric pressure in the air to create microplasma-like energy that safely resurfaces the skin. The result is impressive! In just one treatment, we can achieve complete renewal of your skin in a safe and effective manner.  The treatment is quick and takes about 15 minutes.

Benefits of Opus Plasma Rf:

  • Rejuvenates the entire face, takes years off
  • Treats all skin texture concerns, pigment issues and laxity
  • Extremely quick treatment: full face can be treated in 10-15 min
  • The entire face can be treated safely including area around the eyes (cannot be treated with laser)
  • Safe for darker skin types
  • Safe for suntanned skin
  • Only one treatment is necessary
  • Can be adjusted for milder, moderate or aggressive treatments

Juno staff members and Dr. Giyaur are very excited to be able to offer this revolutionary treatment to our patients!

Juno Aesthetics

RF Plasma at Juno Aesthetics

Dr. Giyaur uses Radiofrequency device regularly while doing surgery, such as blepharoplasty or eyelid lift.  However, this unipolar plasma radiofrequency device is based on completely new technology that was introduced in US only recently.  Opus has been used in Israel and Europe for a couple of years now and has received rave reviews from patients and doctors alike.

The device is impressive, and the treatment strength can be varied individually.  We offer mild treatment to someone who only needs minor skin correction or someone who prefers a milder treatment and doesn’t mind returning for one more treatment.  For patients who desire full correction in one visit a more aggressive setting can be used safely and effectively.

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