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Do you still consider aesthetic treatments for men vain, inappropriate or feminizing?  You might be in the minority very soon.  More and more men of today are using aesthetic treatments from facial filers and Botox and hair volumizing treatments, to plastic surgery to improve the quality of their life.

From the ancient Egyptian world in 400 BC to the 18th century Europe men used fancy clothing, stockings, wigs, skin treatments and even makeup to assert their role in the society and to appear younger, healthier and more powerful.  The popularity of cosmetic treatment for men declined in the 19th and 20th century as religious institutions considered make up vain, not masculine and abominable.

21st Century brought about rapid changes in the way we view aesthetic treatments for men.  Men of baby boomer generation are largely responsible for this change, as they want to continue to appear healthy, well kept, powerful and vibrant as they age.  Society pushes us to be perform our best and to look our best!  Our workforce is aging, and men are becoming concerned with how they appear to others in society.

Men of today are finally realizing that there are multiple surgical and non-surgical options for them to appear more attractive and charming to their partner (or to have more or better choice of partners, for that matter) and to command more influential presence at work.

What type of aesthetic treatments do men seek?

There are three major types of aesthetic treatments for men.  In short, they are

  • Aesthetic Enhancement of masculine features
  • Skin Improvement
  • Facial Rejuvenation

There is one main driving force that prompts our male patients to seek aesthetic treatments. They want to be more powerful, more vibrant, more successful, healthier and, ultimately, to have better quality of life.

Let’s examine all those types of male enhancement treatments in a bit more detail.

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Skin Improvements for Men

There are a lot of cosmeceutical companies working hard to create products especially for men’s skin. Gone are the days, when teenage acne had to scar and blemish a face forever. There are so many options, from medicated creams for active acne, to laser and light treatments and acne scar subcisions and threading that can prevent and treat acne scarring and eliminate the lifelong stigma.

Skin elasticity and rejuvenation treatments are numerous such as Fractionated Plasma Resurfacing which achieves dramatic results to tissue building dermal fillers and collagen building threads.

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Aesthetic Enhancement for Men

Men have always desired strong chiseled chin and jawline, and sharply cut cheekbones.  Softer rounded features are signs of femininity and stronger lower face is associated with will power and masculinity.

The latest achievement in aesthetic technologies allow us to achieve natural masculine results in the lower face without surgery.

Dr. Giyaur loves using dermal fillers to enhance jawlines and chins. The results are achieved in less than 30 minutes, have essentially no downtime and are very rewarding. Our male patients love their new look! Radiesse, a very special, long lasting dermal filer is great for jawline enhancements! With minimal intervention we can achieve amazing results and proper male face proportions that may last for over 2 years.

Rejuvenation Treatment for Men

Aging is inevitable, looking old is optional. Some choose to do nothing and for them aging look is acceptable, many decide to fight external (and internal) signs of aging realizing that with improved appearance comes improved outlook on life.

We offer conservative rejuvenating treatments for men. Treatments are highly individualized and reflect our patient’s desire for rejuvenation, their goals, financial budget, and age.

Dr. Giyaur prefers treatments in men that could help her achieve results that are extremely natural. Our goal is to return some of the features that were lost with age. Our more mature male patients desire rejuvenated look, but they are absolutely opposed to the “done” look. They prefer to return some of masculinity and handsomeness that gets lost with years, such as stronger jaw, less sagging and wrinkles, skin texture improvements, restoration of hair volume, and more defined check bones. Dr. Giyaur has her favorites, such as Radiesse and Sculptra fillers, Botox, PRP, as well as total face rejuvenation for men.

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Eyelid Surgery for Men

Blepharoplasty, upper or lower eyelid lift, remain one the most popular procedures for maturing guys. According to Dr. Giyaur, it is a single treatment that is solely responsible for taking years off one’s face. Droopy eyes and bags under eyes make our face look old, but, most importantly, tired. It makes us feel tired too (who wants to constantly struggle to keep eyes wide open?). Cosmetic and functional eyelid lift is a procedure that carries a high satisfaction rate among our male and female patients alike. It’s quick, painless, and can be done right in our state-of-the-art procedure room or in the more formal operating room if patient desires.

Are Juno’s men’s treatment painful? Are they safe?

For most of our patients, lack of pain and safety are the primary concerns.  And that’s understandable.  Dr. Giyaur makes it a point to use high quality, FDA approved, products and devices.  She spent years perfecting her technique and continues to constantly update her knowledge and skills to give our customers the best level of care.

We take special pride in our concern for patient’s comfort.  We have amazing retention rate of patient who keep coming back to us for years to continue looking their best.  Our Juno team achieves this by doing everything possible to make your experience with us comfortable.  We offer multiple types of anesthesia for our surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Healthy lifestyle, good diet choices and plenty of rest are, of course, essential for better looks.  However, at some point they just become not enough.  You may feel quite healthy, vibrant and full of life inside, however, to your employer you make look tired because of bags under your eyes; always angry and unhappy because deep brow furrows, and in fragile health because of that sallow complexion.   We live in a time and place where looking good gives us a competitive edge over others, it gives us a fiscal advantage and improves our mental wellbeing.  It’s survival of the fittest at its finest.

Do you wish to get that competitive advantage at work and social life? Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Julia Giyaur!

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