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Laser Tattoo Removal in Brooklyn

One in four people regret getting a tattoo they chose in the past, and many of these people decide to do something about it. Now, with the help of laser treatments, that regrettable tattoo can be erased. We are excited to offer this service at our Brooklyn medi-spa. 

Why remove a tattoo?

There are literally endless reasons why an individual may want to remove a certain tattoo. We don’t ask too many questions, but we do know that if someone wants this done, we can do it safely and effectively using a state-of-the-art laser. Our laser tattoo removal services are able to target ink particles and break them up without damaging the surrounding skin. 

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How laser tattoo removal works

In the past, tattoos have been considered permanent because of factors such as the color of ink used, a person’s skin tone, how deep tattoo ink goes, and the size of the ink particles. With the advancement of lasers, a tattoo can be erased by laser heat energy.

This energy heats up the ink particles and, over a series of treatments, will eventually remove the heavy metals within ink. When these heavy metals heat up, they widen and break apart. 

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Your customized treatment 

Before your laser tattoo removal treatment, you will need to come in to see Dr. Giyaur in a consultation, where she will examine your tattoo and will ask you questions. Each question she asks will give her information that she needs to determine how your treatment will be done and how many sessions may be necessary to erase your tattoo. She will ask you the following questions:

  • Was your tattoo created to cover up a previous tattoo? If so, these require more treatments because they’re more difficult to remove. 
  • How long have you had your tattoo? The longer you’ve had a tattoo, the easier it is to erase. 
  • Was the tattoo professionally done? 
  • What colors were originally used to create your tattoo? Different colors are more difficult to erase. 

What happens during a laser tattoo removal treatment?

A topical numbing agent may be used to help keep you comfortable during your laser tattoo removal procedure. Once the area is numb, laser will be applied directly to the tattooed area, where the heat energy will be delivered into your skin. The laser will pass over your skin multiple times. Many patients report that the laser feels uncomfortable, but that it’s tolerable. The discomfort level and amount of time the treatment takes will depend on how big your tattoo is, its location, how old it is, and your own pain threshold. After your treatment is complete, we may apply a topical product or an ice pack to soothe the area. However, this isn’t always necessary. We may also recommend or apply an antibiotic cream.


Some patients experience redness or swelling after treatment, although these quickly subside. Your skin may also feel sunburned for a few days. If this happens, we recommend gently applying aloe vera. Be sure to not scrub the area with any soap or other products during recovery, and try to avoid hot showers, baths, saunas, and jacuzzis.  


Anyone considering laser tattoo removal should be aware that it can often be a long process to see results. Although every patient will be different, many see optimal results through a series of treatments over 3 to 6 months.

Laser tattoo removal from Juno Medi-Spa in Brooklyn

At Juno Medi-Spa, we utilize top-notch technology, years of expertise, the utmost safety, and a highly trained staff to provide our patients with the best possible experience and results. Juno founder Dr. Julia Giyaur is a board-certified surgeon, and a medical spa owned by a physician always ensures an enhanced level of professionalism and quality. Her patients love the feeling of her steady hand, compassionate demeanor, and a true understanding of their needs. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and you’re interested laser tattoo removal, we invite you to contact us today.

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Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Yes. When performed by a licensed, experienced, skilled specialist, laser tattoo removal is very safe and effective.

Can I get laser tattoo removal if I’m pregnant?

We don’t perform laser tattoo removal on pregnant women. Please see us after your pregnancy if you’re still interested in this treatment.

How long should treatments be spaced apart?

We recommend that treatments be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart in order to allow the necessary time needed to properly heal and remove ink particles.

Is there anything I need to know about prepping for treatment?

Before treatment, you will need to shave any hair from the area, wash your skin, and avoid using any products on your skin such as lotion, makeup, perfume, etc. Come in with skin that is NOT tanned by the sun or any product. Wear loose, comfy clothing and be sure to eat before treatment.

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