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Brows, Lids, and Lips: Permanent Makeup in Brooklyn

There’s a lot to like about permanent makeup. It saves time, it simplifies your beauty routine, and depending on your makeup buying habits, it can save you significant money over the long term. But many people still have questions about the treatment, which is understandable. After all, it does essentially consist of getting a tattoo on your face. 

What are the different types of permanant makeup?

  • Brow microblading
  • Eyelid eyeliner tattoo
  • Lip tattoo
  • Eyebrow enhancer
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Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

Gone are the days of your granny’s permanent eyebrows. There are now more modern ways to correct, enhance, and shape your brows. Brow enhancers for the “get up and go” lifestyle include microblading and microshading. 

With microblading, a super-fine pen with tiny needles is used to deposit pigment into the skin, making each stroke look like a tiny hair. The needles only penetrate very superficially, so results are not permanent; rather, results last for about one year (maybe less if you’re in the sun often or exfoliate your skin frequently). We recommend a touch-up one month after treatment. This treatment is an excellent option for those who want a very natural-looking, subtle enhancement and correction of their existing eyebrows.

While the idea of your skin being repeatedly scratched may sound very uncomfortable, it’s actually not. The treatment is very superficial, and our permanent makeup specialist at Juno Aesthetics is happy to numb the area up with a strong lidocaine cream.

With microshading, a hand tool is used to deposit dots of powdered pigment instead of making “hair strokes” with a pencil like microblading.

Microshading is recommended for those who want a thicker, more filled-in eyebrow. The results are also semi-permanent and last for about a year.

Eyeliner tattoo

When it comes to eyeliner tattooing, you will select your color, and then numbing cream will be applied. It takes about 20 minutes for the numbing effect to work. Once you’re numbed, the tattooing will begin. The device is a hand-held instrument that contains multiple tiny needles. This instrument will be run back and forth over each lid repeatedly until the ink has set in. After treatment, do not apply makeup, especially mascara, until you have healed (anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on how thick your tattoo is). It’s also important that you do not rub your eyes hard. You may experience some scabbing as you heal. Results will last for about a year, and we recommend a touch-up at six months. 

Lipstick tattoo

This semi-permanent treatment is designed to define the lips and make them appear fuller. Extremely fine needles deposit color to the lips, enhancing the shape and ensuring an always-ready pout.

This treatment is also helpful for those who are unhappy with uneven lips, or for those who have lost pigment in their lips with age. After your treatment, you can expect your lips to feel sore for about two days, and you may have some chapping as your lips heal. You are not to apply lipstick during this time. Results can last 1 to 3 years, and we recommend a touch-up every six months.

Permanent makeup at Juno Aesthetics in Brooklyn 

If you’re ready to try permanent makeup at our Brooklyn medi-spa, we welcome you to contact us. At Juno Aesthetics, we believe that by enhancing beauty, we improve our customers’ sense of wellbeing — and that’s our most important goal. Founder Dr. Julia Giyaur is a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon who brings top-notch expertise, safety, and a personalized approach to each service she and her highly trained staff provide. The idea at Juno is to not ever make customers appear unnatural or overdone. Feeling good about ourselves, we become more confident and enjoy life with renewed pleasure. At Juno Aesthetics, we can help you achieve that.

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