The Secrets to Rejuvenated Eyes

Dec 13, 2023
The Secrets to Rejuvenated Eyes
Puffy eyes, drooping eyelids, bags, or dark circles under your eyes — whatever you’re up against, you’re tired of looking tired. Read on to explore some fantastic rejuvenation techniques.

Your eyes are an amazing feature — they sparkle and shine and can convey a thousand thoughts without saying a word. These days, however, your eyes are increasingly lost behind aging skin, and you feel like you look a little more lifeless. Quite simply — you’re sick and tired of looking sick and tired.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The head of Juno Aesthetic — Dr. Julia Giyaur — is a board-certified ophthalmologist who knows her way around your eyes. 

If you’d like to explore how we can rejuvenate your eyes and make them sparkle with vitality again, read on.

Under-eye puffiness and dark circles

That look your eyes used to get after a long night out with friends is now more of a permanent fixture. You can go to bed at nine, drink only water, and still wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles.

The aging processes in your skin often show up in areas that are most exposed and have more fragile skin, which perfectly describes the areas under your eyes.

As the skin thins further and the small layer of fat shifts, the areas under your eyes form peaks and valleys that cast shadows that further amplify the aging processes.

The good news is that we can fight back with two minimally invasive treatments.

Dermal fillers

Soft tissue fillers rank number two in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States, just behind Botox® and its counterparts. To smooth out the areas under your eyes and restore even volume, we turn to dermal fillers to replace lost volume.

Radiofrequency microneedling treatment

Another great way to rejuvenate the under-eye areas is with our Morpheus8® technology — microneedling using radiofrequency (RF) energy. First, we create tiny microchannels in your skin, and then we deliver RF energy into the channels to elicit a collagen reaction. As the collagen fills in the channels, it lifts the entire surface of your skin. The RF energy also promotes better circulation to keep the skin vibrant and healthy.

Rejuvenating the tops and sides of your eyes

After fixing the under-eye area, we can also address any issues around the sides and tops of your eyes.

A great tool for this is a neuromodulator like Botox. With these cosmetic injectables, we can relax the crow’s feet at the sides of your eyes and brow and frown lines above your eyes.

An overhaul for your eyes

If your upper or lower eyelids are the primary problem, we can rejuvenate your eyes with a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, ranked number two in the US in cosmetic surgical procedures — just behind the nose job — because it can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

During eyelid surgery, we remove excess skin, redistribute fat and muscles, and tighten the skin in your eyelids, making you look years younger.

If you’d like to explore which eye rejuvenation procedures make the most sense for your goals, please contact one of our New York City offices in Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn to schedule an appointment.