Hit the Reset Button on Your Skin with Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Oct 02, 2023
Hit the Reset Button on Your Skin with Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Age, sun exposure, and genetics — the forces that conspire to rob your skin of youthful tone and texture are strong and unavoidable. It’s a good thing we can fight back with laser skin rejuvenation.

Your skin is under assault from almost every angle — the sun, aging, genetics, gravity, wear and tear, and the list goes on. Making matters worse, these forces are both strong and unavoidable and can take their toll in any number of ways, from wrinkles and sagging skin to uneven tone and texture.

Imagine tackling all these issues with just one treatment, and you’ve imagined our laser skin rejuvenation system — Lumenis M22™.  At June Aesthetics, board-certified physician Dr. Julia Giyaur and our team take great pride in offering our clients the most cutting-edge skin care technologies available, and Lumenis M22 is one of our stars.

To give you an idea of why we’re so excited about the Lumenis M22 laser skin rejuvenation system, we look at all it can do below.

The Swiss Army knife of laser technologies

We describe the Lumenis M22 broadly as a skin rejuvenation system because of its versatility. This system features four different modes, including:

1. Universal IPL

The first mode is intense-pulsed light (IPL), which allows us to deliver bursts of light energy into your skin to break apart surface concerns, such as sun spots and other blemishes.

2. Multi-Spot™ Nd:YAG 

This mode features multiple sequential pulsing that can make quick work of leg veins and vascular lesions.

3. ResurFX™

We can resurface your skin using fractional, nonablative laser energy. This mode also comes with the CoolScan™ scanner for your comfort. Since it’s nonablative, there’s little downtime after this resurfacing treatment.

4. Q-Switched Nd:YAG

This mode targets darker-pigmented lesions and tattoo removal.

Customizing your skin rejuvenation

With our Lumenis M22 system, we can customize your skin rejuvenation treatments to your unique goals. For example, if you want to clear away the effects of sun exposure, which are responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of aging, we can work with different modes to address sun spots, wrinkles, and generally tired and dull skin.

If you want to get rid of leg veins, we can switch to a different mode to eliminate these pesky blood vessels.

In fact, you might be surprised at all that we can accomplish with this one simple system. If we haven’t mentioned your specific skin concern here, such as large pores or rosacea, the odds are good that we have the right technology for the job.


Whatever your needs, let’s sit down and figure out how Lumenis M22 can help hit the reset button on your skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.


To get started, please contact one of our New York City offices in Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn to schedule an appointment.