Everything You Need to Know About the Russian Lip Filler Technique

Feb 28, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About the Russian Lip Filler Technique
If your eyes widen at the sight or sound of the latest cosmetic trends and if beauty piques your interest, then by now, you’ve likely heard of the Russian lip technique.

If your eyes widen at the sight or sound of the latest cosmetic trends and if beauty piques your interest, then by now, you’ve likely heard of the Russian lip technique. But what is it exactly, who is it for, and how is it done? It’s all the rage right now in the world of fashion, and we’re happy to let you in on its clean little secrets. And did we mention that our board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Julia Giyaur does the procedure daily right here at JUNO Medispa in the heart of Brooklyn, NY?

The Russian lip technique is similar… but totally different.

If you’ve ever had your lips augmented with dermal fillers, you’ll probably agree that the results were great and the procedure was worth it. But the procedure isn’t without its limitations, and that’s where the Russian lip technique comes in. 

Lip augmentation uses one or more dermal fillers, like Restylane or Juvederm to accentuate and volumize the lips. Still, it’s done for more of a horizontal increase in the overall size and prominence of the lips. And since the fillers are injected horizontally rather than vertically, traditional lip augmentation also tends to almost uniformly increase the size of the lips, for what some patients have called the “sausage effect.”

 Of course, regular lip augmentation can be done aesthetically, and not everyone by far ends up even vaguely affected by the so-called sausage effect, but the procedure is limited nonetheless.

 The Russian lip filler technique, on the other hand, aims for a vertical improvement in the lip contour, and it pays extremely careful attention to the cupid’s bow. So what you get are almost doll-like lips with a perfect pout. They can be made to look just as natural as your normal lips, but they have that magazine-like perfection that so many patients are after.

Here’s what is done exactly

While the lips are a pretty small surface, they’re still home to so many different parts—the cupid’s bow, the philtrum, the upper and lower vermillion border, and the oral commissures. Not to mention that their size, shape, profile, projection, and height call all be tweaked or accentuated with dermal fillers in the right hands.

 So what the Russian lip technique does exactly is it accentuates the cupid’s bow and focuses on lip height (particularly in the center) rather than overall volume so that you get that coveted heart-shaped lip look without over protrusion. You’ll have a nicely distinguished upper and lower vermillion border, with attention naturally drawn to the center of your lips. The technique leaves your lips looking great on their own but also has them properly proportioned compared to the rest of your face.

 The extra attention and care takes longer

The Russian lip technique uses smaller volumes of a dermal filler, placed in more parts of the lips. Instead of injecting into the lips a larger volume of a dermal filler and then massaging and spreading it out, the Russian technique injects more areas of the lips with a lesser volume of product. (And, as stated above, it also does so with vertical injections, not horizontal ones.)

 This gives us much greater control over the product and its results and gives you a doll-like pout you can proudly flaunt. But, and here’s a slight downside: more injection points are required, a bit more discomfort is experienced, and mild bruising and swelling can occur. This tends to disappear pretty quickly on its own, but it’s a good thing to know in advance—and a small price to pay for perfection.

 The same fillers are used. It’s the technique that counts.

The Russian lip filler technique is not a new product but a new use of an existing product. Either Restylane or Juvederm can be used for the procedure, so it’s still done with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, so adverse reactions or allergies are almost unheard of.

Results last from 6 months to a year

Because everyone’s body is different, it’s difficult to provide a blanket statement about how long the results of a temporary cosmetic improvement will last. But for most patients, their results of the Russian lip filler technique should last between six and twelve months. This time frame depends on things like sun exposure and how fast your body metabolizes the fillers.

At our JUNO Medispa in Brooklyn, New York, board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Julia Giyaur has perfected the art of the Russian lip technique and looks forward to helping you, too, have the lips of your dreams. Contact us today.