Double Chin and Neck Tightening Treatments

Feb 28, 2023
Double Chin and Neck Tightening Treatments
Not everyone is fortunate to have swan’s neck, chiseled neckline and well-defined chin. Doulbe chin is a common problem that affects men and women of all ages.

Not everyone is fortunate to have swan’s neck, chiseled neckline and well-defined chin. Doulbe chin is a common problem that affects men and women of all ages. Nothing can spoil our mood as much as looking at the pictures of ourselves and noticing the heavy chin, saggy neck or jawls. It makes as look older and less confident.

Causes of Double chin

  • Genetics
  • Aging causing fat accumulation and skin laxity
  • Excess fat deposit due to weight gain

For some people to amount of dieting will help with getting rid of double chin, however, there are several successful treatments available today that can do just that.


Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that is specifically designed to address the double chin. It consists of deoxycholic acid, substance that naturally occurs in our bodies. Our bodies produce deoxycholic acid in our GI tract to digest fat. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that when injected into the appropriate area helps to break down fat cells. Over the next few weeks, your body eliminates the broken-down fat cells and their contents.

Dr. Giyaur loves the effect that Kybella can achieve when used properly: “I truly enjoy the effect that this simple injection can help us achieve. Each treatment takes a few minutes to complete with minimal if any discomfort. We can really individualize the treatment plan to help our customers achieve their goals. Normally 2- 4 treatments are needed. There is some swelling and bruising that can be expected afterward for a week or two, but the recovery time lessens with each treatment. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to get Kybella treatment, since any swelling can easily be covered with a turtleneck or a scarf.” 

Accent Prime Ultrasound and RF treatment

Accent Prime is a high-tech noninvasive ultrasound and radiofrequency platform that allows us to achieve reduction of volume and skin tightening in any area of the body including the double chin area. Unique patented ultrasound is initially used to break down fat cell in the treatment area. Fat cells open up and are destroyed, their content leak out and are cleared by our lymphatic system. Following that Radiofrequency energy is used to tighten skin by heating it up. The Giyaur comments: “The beauty of our Accent Prime treatment is that it’s one device and one quick treatment that can both target and destroy fat cells and at the same time tighten loose skin. Our patients truly enjoy slimming effect that Accent Prime has on the neckline and face.”

There is no right time to get Accent Prime chin tightening treatment since there is absolutely no downtime. The treatment is comfortable and feels more like a hot stone massage. We usually recommend 2-4 treatments. This treatment can be combined with others, such as Kybella.

PDO Thread Lift

PDO or Polydiaxanone threads are FDA approved surgical threads that can be used in a non-surgical fashion to tighten skin of neck and chin area. PDO threads are long very thin threads that have tiny cogs on them. During a minimally invasive procedure that takes place right in our office, Dr. Giyaur, inserts the threads just under the skin. By puling up on the thread, the cogs latch on the loose tissue resulting in a tighter, lifted skin. We love how natural and subtle the results are. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete and may result if some bruising that may last a week. Makeup can be used to cover up and the results are immediate! In addition to this instantaneous result, the PDO threads under the skin stimulate our body to create more collagen resulting in even tighter skin over time! Our patients enjoy this treatment either alone or in combination with Accent Prime and Kybella treatments. For a better-defined jawline Dr. Giyaur also uses Radiesse or hyaluronic acid filers to create better facial contour.

The Bottom Line

You might have been unhappy with the appearance of your chin, jawline and neck for some time now. There is no reason to wait any longer to get it treated. Our treatments are safe, effective, use the highest quality materials and are FDA cleared. Book your complimentary consultation today to see how we can help you to achieve the beautiful neckline you deserve!