5 Great Benefits of Botox®

Jul 14, 2023
5 Great Benefits of Botox®
There are many reasons Botox® continues to reign supreme when it comes to cosmetic goals. From ease of use to surprising uses, here are five reasons Botox should be a regular part of your beauty regimen.

Since Botox® was first introduced into the cosmetic world two decades ago, it has reigned supreme as the most popular cosmetic injectable in the United States. In fact, Botox and its counterparts perennially hold the number one spot in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States, with nearly 4.5 million treatments in 2020 alone. 

At Juno Aesthetics, board-certified physician Dr. Julia Giyaur has long understood the power of Botox, and our team has made it a big part of our practice for many years.

While the benefits of Botox are numerous, we’re highlighting five here.

1. Botox works against tough wrinkles

The primary reason Botox has ranked number one for decades is that, quite simply, the injectable works. At the heart of Botox is a neurotoxin called onabotulinumtoxinA, which temporarily paralyzes the muscles that contract to create many of the wrinkles on the top half of your face.

More specifically, Botox works wonders with forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines, all of which can make you look far older or more tired than you feel on the inside. 

2. Botox is quick and easy

Beyond how well it works, another reason people love Botox is the injections are quick and easy. When you come in, we discuss your goals, make you comfortable in our treatment chair, and get to work on your liquid facelift. In mere minutes, we can administer the Botox into strategic areas around your face, and you’re free to get on with your day directly afterward.

3. Botox prevents wrinkles

While Botox can make quick work of dynamic wrinkles that have etched themselves into your skin, you can also use the cosmetic injectable to prevent wrinkles. If you start using Botox in your 20s and 30s, the treatments can minimize expression lines so that they don’t form over and over to create deeper lines as you age.

4. Botox goes the distance

After your Botox injections, your results will come in over 3-7 days. Once your wrinkles have smoothed out, you can enjoy those results for about four months, at which point you can return for another quick round of injections. This ease of use is why so many of our clients make this a regular part of their beauty regimens.

5. Botox can improve your smile

Botox is well known for tackling those lines in the upper half of your face, but did you know that the injectable can also improve your smile? 

First, we can use Botox for a procedure we call lip flip. By injecting Botox into certain areas — the corners of your mouth and around the edges of your lips — we can relax the muscles to allow your upper lip to flip outward a little, making it look fuller.

If you feel your smile is too gummy (too much gum tissue shows when you smile), we can use Botox to relax your upper lip so it doesn't pull up as far.

As you can see, Botox has many great benefits when it comes to achieving cosmetic goals. To figure out how Botox can help with yours, we invite you to contact one of our New York City offices in Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn to schedule an appointment.